About Me

So who is Bob Buskirk?
Many of you may know me as the founder of ThinkComputers. ThinkComputers was one of the first websites that I started and in 2003 I learned that I could make money off of it. The next year I dropped out of college and have been living by my own rules ever since. I never wanted to work a 9-5, I only went to college to college because it was “the thing to do”. Since dropping out I have done things I never thought I would have been doing, gone places I never thought I would go and made some great friends along the way. This blog is my adventure of how I am living life by my own set of rules.

You can always find me on these social networks…

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BobBuskirk
Twitter: http://twitter.com/bobtv
Google+: http://gplus.to/bobtv
Instagram: http://instagram.com/bobtv

My main business is ThinkComputers and that is what I spend most of my time on, as I am a computer geek at heart. I write technology related articles, review some pretty cool products and have made quite a few YouTube videos discussing these products.

When I’m not checking out the latest tech gadgets I am trying new things, taking pictures of my food, and traveling.

This blog is my adventure and I hope you enjoy it!

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