5 Reasons to Start Blogging

I started this blog back in 2005 as more of a personal journal, but it evolved from that into a platform where I can express myself, give business tips, discuss issues, and even make some money. Blogging to me is a lot of fun and it gives me an escape from writing all of the reviews over at ThinkComputers. Also a lot of my relatives and friends read my blog so they see what I am up to. I have learned a lot through blogging and met some really awesome people. If you are not sure about starting a blog here are 5 reasons to start!

Express Yourself
Is there ever something that is bothering you? One easy thing to do is write about it. Not a lot of things bother me but I do like to talk about my experiences and try to help people by blogging. Since I started doing ThinkComputers full time I have come across a lot of problems with running my own business. I realized that I should share these problems and my solutions with my blog audience because it could be helpful to them. If you feel the need to say anything a blog is the perfect place for it.

Practically Free & Easy
One thing that I love about blogging is that almost anyone can do it. You really do not need that much knowledge of computers or the internet to get a blog started. There are free solutions at Blogger and WordPress.com. If you want to spend a little bit of money you can get a domain and cheap hosting. Once you have that setup WordPress is really easy to install and get setup. Some hosting companies even have 1 click installs for WordPress. After you have WordPress setup all you have to do is start writing posts, it’s that easy!

Meet New People
I think that one of the best things that has come from me blogging is all of the cool people I have met. I have discovered a lot of new blogs that talk about the same thing that I do and I end up making friends with them and usually exchanging links. I also have met a lot of people from them leaving comments on my posts or them e-mailing me asking me questions. I have met some of the coolest and most interesting people I know from blogging.

Become an Authority
I bet a few years ago none of you probably heard of John Chow, Jeremy Shoemaker, or other popular bloggers. If you write good content you are surely going to start a following. When you get big enough you will start to become noticed and opportunities will open up for you like being asked to speak at conferences or people wanting you to be in their magazine.

Make Some Money
I never started blogging to make money, it was more to let friends and family know what I’m up to, but almost anyone can make some money from a blog. Now not everyone is going to make a living from blogging, but some extra money each month from writing about what interests you, no one can argue with that. There are so many opportunities out there for bloggers that it is really easy to make money from your blog.

I could list a lot more reasons to start blogging, but these 5 are the ones that I think are most important. If you have even considered blogging you should give it a try, you really don’t have anything to lose.