The Evolution of My Desk

Even since I got my own computer I’ve always had a “workstation”. I always liked having a workstation instead of just a regular desk. When you have a good working environment you tend to get a lot more work done and it is sure nice to be working on a nice clean desk then a messy table or something like that. Although as you will see in the pictures below I wasn’t always the cleanest when it came to my desk. I tried to find as many pictures as I could of my many workstations over the years. So here is the evolution of my desk. Also if you want to share what you desk looks like you can do so in the comments below.

Desk #1 – 1999

This was my first real computer desk. I remember when I went to go buy it with the money I had saved up from working. I think it was around $80 at the time. It was a bitch to put together as most wooden desks are. As you can see I used to collect SoBe bottles. If you can see the blue bottle on my CD player it was called Qi, probably one of the best drinks out there. Too bad it was discontinued. Also you can see a bunch of skateboarding posters on the wall, it was really into skateboarding back then.

Desk #2 – 2002

Well as you can see it is the same desk, messy as ever. This time I got rid of all the SoBe bottles and put a bunch of other junk on my desk. I also still had the same old monitor and mouse. As you can see though I did have 2 computers at this time. Also in this picture you can see one of my first mods on the side of the case.

Desk #3 – 2003

Ah college, where I really did not have much of a desk at all. Our dorm rooms at RMU were actually quite large compared to others I’ve been at other schools. I finally upgraded my monitor to a Sony CRT. Wow and look at that old Nokia phone on the desk….haha.

Desk #4 – 2004

I had finally bought a nice glass desk. It is really hard to see, but this is one of the only pictures I have of my desk at this apartment, which was my first. I took this picture when I added the lights to my case, which as you can see are very bright. I was still rocking the Sony CRT too.

Desk #5 – 2005

Wow what a mess! This is in my 2nd apartment, which was a dungeon. You can see I finally upgraded to a LCD. Look at all the bottles of Bawls! They kept me going when I was doing both school and ThinkComputers at the same time. You can also see my old laptop, the Dell 700m, I loved that thing!

Desk #6 – 2007

Ah finally a nice clean desk! This is when I had started doing ThinkComputers full time and I realized how important a clean working environment is. Another new case and keyboard as you can see. I really liked this setup because there was a window right there that I could look out of.

Desk #7 – 2008

Once again I was keeping it clean on this setup. I upgraded my desk to a nice large corner desk from IKEA. Still had the same LCD, and keyboard. New case and a few new accessories. I also really liked this setup because there was a huge window that I could look out of while doing work.

Desk #8 – Current

This is what my current desk looks like as of today. I still have the same IKEA desk, but as you can see there are a lot of new things in this picture. I have a new keyboard, monitors, and chair. Once you go dual LCD’s you can’t go back! Also I finally got a new chair, which is extremely comfortable, and it should be considering I’m in it 4+ hours a day.

Well that’s the evolution of my desk, if you want to show me what you desk looks like you can do so in the comments!