Living the Dot Com Lifestyle

Many people think the dot com lifestyle is something that is unachievable, they also think that it is all about traveling all over the world and fast cars. This is not true, as I am living the dot com lifestyle and I am not doing these things. So what really is the dot com lifestyle? Well in my eyes living the dot com lifestyle means you make 100% of your income online and are enjoying life. I meet those 2 qualifications and anyone can do the same, so why don’t they?

Well the biggest reason I think people do not try to make a living online is that they are programmed from a young age to go to school , get a job, and retire when they get older. I myself was on that track until my eyes were opened by John Chow. After my eyes were opened I asked myself questions like do I want to work at a job I don’t like? Do I want to work for someone else? Do I want to work till I’m 65? All of my answers to these questions were no, so I decided to work for myself and now I am enjoying the dot com lifestyle.

Like I said the dot com lifestyle is not all about making a ton of money and owning every gadget imaginable, it is about liking what you do and being happy doing it. After doing this for over 2 years now I cannot imagine going back to the real world and getting a normal job. That is my motivation to keep on pushing myself and working hard. I may not have the exotic car and I may not be making $30,000 a month but I am happy with what I’m doing.

If you are stuck at a dead end job or are unhappy with your current situation then ask yourself 1 question, wouldn’t you rather be happy? If you answer is yes then throw away that old mindset and join the dot com lifestyle. If that does not convince you then check back soon as I will have a follow up post on the reasons why I enjoy what I do so much.