The Beach Routine

Being at the beach but still having a full work load can be quite stressful. You don’t want to be spending most of your day inside on your laptop working and missing out on the best part of the day. I knew coming on this vacation that I needed to change my daily routine and really compress my work schedule. The idea of a vacation is to relax and enjoy yourself and not worry about posting content on a website or getting a review done. So here is my “beach routine” and the things I have done to make it possible.

Knowing that I would be going away for quite some time I had most of my work for this week completed. I spent most of last week testing hardware and recording unboxing videos as I could not do those things while I am away on vacation. Also I made sure all of my reviewers were on task and knew what they had to do for the week.

The Routine
I’ve had pretty much the same routine each day while I have been on this trip. Susprisingly I would always wake up at 9AM, no matter when I went to bed. I think this was because I knew there was some type of adventure to get in to each day! So my routine went like this…wake up, and start work. The actual “work” consists of posting daily news on ThinkComputers, checking news e-mail, editing and publishing a review on the site or editing and encoding an unboxing video to be posted on the site. All of these tasks took no longer than 2 hours most days and I am able to schedule to posts on the site and social media posts to be published throughout the day so it looks like I am posting things every few hours when in reality I did it all before noon! Stay tuned for a detailed post on how I turned my work day from an all day affair into 2 hours!

After I was done with work I would eat breakfast, take a shower and head to the beach. Nothing is more relaxing than just sitting at the beach closing your eyes and listing to the waves crash. Besides just laying there Tim, Adam and I would go swimming, catch football or do some other type of activity.

I also decided to get my first audio book right before this trip. I already own the 4 Hour Work Week, but I wanted to get the audio book to see if I would like the audio format and I figured it would be easier to listen to it on the beach than read it. Let’s just say now I am hooked on audio books! Plus listening to the 4 Hour Work Week is a great way to get some motivation back and really look into what I am doing with my business.

After the beach we would come back to the condo and make some type of lunch. Since we are staying at a condo and have a full kitchen we were able to make lunch almost every day for very little cost. Once lunch was done we would do some other type of activity whether it was bike riding around the island, going down to the pool, or jumping in the car and exploring the island.

Finally night time would roll around and we would head out for dinner or make dinner. For the most part we would go out for dinner because we wanted to try many of the different restaurants on the island. A few of the days we would stay out late and go to the bars, which were a lot of fun. This island really has a different feel to it when it comes to nightlife. We would make our way home, and I would sometimes get on my laptop to get a jump start on work for the next day or write a blog post of the days activities.

Not that bad of a day at all right? Remember to follow me on twitter to see what all I am up to!