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How Working in an Office Has Made Me More Productive

I’ve been working from home for the longest time. I think one of the best things about what I do that I have he ability to work from home, a coffee shop, panera, etc. This gives me quite a lot of freedom and sometimes you just don’t want to be around people. Working from home does have its downsides though. I think over time that I’ve worked from home I developed some bad habits.

Getting Organized With Google Calendar & Prioritab

When you are running your own business one thing you always struggle with is staying organized and productive. At a normal job you are told what to do or are given your tasks to complete, whereas when you are running your own business you know what you need to get done, but it is up to you when and if you do them. I have used so many different productivity tools over the years, but it seems I have settled on two which really get the job done for me. They are Google Calendar and Prioritab.

TeuxDeux: The Pefect To-Do List

So for the longest time I had been looking for a to-do list app for my iPhone. Not only just an iPhone app, but something that I could use on my desktop or pretty much anywhere. So many of the apps that I found were not simple to do list’s and have so many unnecessary features that makes things confusing and do not get the job done. A couple of months ago my friend Pat told me about TeuxDeux.