Why You and Your Brand Needs to be on Google+

Google+ keeps on growing and growing, but many people and brands still have not decided to move over. Well now with Google’s Search, plus Your World feature and other things they are doing to promote Google+ you and your brand better be on Google+. Actually before I continue why don’t you head on over to Google+ and create a profile!

Moving on, you may have noticed a few months ago that when you started searching on Google you would get personal results or results that your friends may have shared, gave a +1 to or talked about. Also photos, videos from YouTube and content on Google+ shows right up in your search results. Personal search results are turned on by default as long as you are logged into Google when searching. These personal results are mixed with other normal results you would see from Google. So the more you +1 content and share things on Google+ the more likely it is to show up in your friends search results. Check out the video below to see what the Search, plus Your World features is all about.

If that is not enough to get you to create a Google+ profile there is more. Google+ profiles are being directly promoted within the Google search box. If I go to type in Colin 2 of my friends come up showing information from their Google+ profile. Not only that their Google+ profile shows up in the search results showing some of their latest posts.

Finally type a known brand into Google, let’s say Ford. Scroll down and to the right you will see a People and Pages section with Ford’s Google+ profile and Google+ profiles of people who are working at Ford. You can see how Google is promoting Google+ profiles and brand pages here.

So if you or your brand is not on Google+ stop what you are doing and create a profile. I am already finding more interesting information on Google+ than anywhere else.