Get 1000 Followers on Twitter Easily

Twitter is exploding and it seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Many people think that Twitter is just an extension of Facebook status updates, but it is so much more than that. Twitter is great for meeting new people, passing around information, getting news, and it’s a great free platform to market to people on. So the more people you reach on Twitter depends on how many followers you have. Over the past couple of weeks I was easily able to gain over 1000 twitter followers without much work at all. I will show you how to do the same…

Set up Auto Follow
So you want people to follow you? Give them an incentive by following them back. I would normally follow people back that would follow me on Twitter, but when a lot of people add you each day it becomes a pain to follow people back. So you are going to want to setup auto follow on your account. There are many sites that can do it for you but I use to do it, it is really easy to set up.

Follow other peoples Followers
When I started to want to get more followers I would check out some of Twitter power users in my niche and started following their followers, for the most part they would follow me back seeing that we were in the same niche. This takes a little while to do but if you want followers you can easily take 15 minutes a day and start following people.

Find Lists
Many people have compiled lists of people who will follow you back and who are interesting Twitter users. One list that really boosted my follower number was the Top 250 people that are the coolest, most influential or neatest. Other lists to look for are local Twitter users in your area, you can look up the top Twitter users in your area on Twitterholic, here are the top 100 users in Pittsburgh, PA, I currently sit 28th. If people see you are from their area they will most likely follow you back.

Follow Groups
This is probably the easiest way to gain followers on Twitter. There are many websites that you can join that are follow groups, websites where you agree to follow people back and you are listed on the site. The first site like this I started using was Twitter Follower. You simply create an account and you are listed in their people that follow back directory. Once I got my account setup I gained about 30 followers right off the bat! Other follow groups include iFollowBack and TopFollowed.

Getting followers is easy, keeping them is the hard part. So make sure you are tweeting some fun and interesting things so people will keep on following you. I will be making another post on how to keep your current Twitter followers. Happy tweeting and remember to follow me on Twitter!