Why College Was Useless for Me

As so many of my friends are finishing up college I am thinking of what a waste of time it was for me.  If you don’t already know I make 100% of my income online.  I did not need a college degree to start my online business nor will that really help me in my business.  Here are some of the reasons I thought it was a waste of time……for me.

College takes up a lot of time.  I took a few night classes that were 3 hours long.  During those 3 hours I would listen to a teacher talk about things that I already knew, so basically I would sit there bored off my ass.  Another thing about class was that most of the teachers were part time so they would come from their normal job then come right to their class.  They were very unprepared and really didn’t care that much about the class.

As we all know College is EXTREMELY expensive!!  And the prices of books…jeeeesus!!  Why waste all that money if you are not even going to get anything out of it.

Job Placement
Some College’s do have a good job placement programs, but most don’t.  So many people are not guaranteed a job when they are done with their 4 years.  And the thing that makes me really mad it seems now a days that it is more about who you know then how well you did.  Like if you join a fraternity and you are applying for a job and the person hiring is from that fraternity you are more likely to get that job then a better qualified person.  This really makes you mad when someone who drinks their way through college, while you worked your ass off and they get the job instead of you.  Also recently I have noticed that just because you have that college diploma you don’t get the better job at the company you are applying at.  You have to start at the bottom and work your way up.

Those are some of the reasons that College was a waste of time and money.  The one thing that College does is make you "think" you need to be there, that without that college education you won’t "fit in" to society.  The big thing that college does to many people is does not allow them to think creatively, because you do not get a chance to do that (for the most part) in college, everything is by the books.  That’s how it was for me what about you?