Work Hard, Play Hard & More

Well this past Memorial Day weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. I spent each day with great friends and had an all around good time. After all the fun was over I did feel a little down, but the next day I was extremely energized to work and get a lot done. This got me thinking about something Tim Ferriss said in the Four Hour Work Week about how he suggested one month of travel for every two months of work.

While not everyone can travel for a month his point was that you need relaxation and good times to keep you motivated and to keep you going. There have been times where all I have done is work with no social life and I was just miserable. I found it very hard to get motivated each day. As soon as I started going out more and enjoying life this all changed. I knew that I could continue to travel, have amazing times with friends and much more if I got more work done and made more money.

Many of people have told me, “you party too much” or “you go out a lot”. If these people could see the results that having great times has on my work I don’t think that they would say those things to me. For example this past week after Memorial Day I triple the traffic on ThinkComputers and put out twice as much content as the previous week. This of course led to more money.

Why do you think that so many successful people are traveling or partying? It is because one they have the means to and two it shows them what hard work can bring them. Have you ever been on an amazing trip? Or had an amazing night with friends? What if you could do that over and over again? That is why so many people I know have the work hard, play hard mentality. Life is too short to sit at home watching TV or doing things that don’t excite you.

If you are feeling some type of void, feeling unmotivated, or just down why not plan a trip or a night out with friends. It is amazing how good times with friends can really effect your work and outlook on everything.

Here is a little recap video of my Memorial Day weekend that my friend made. I’m not sure if you are going to want to watch it at work though!