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Stand Out with Your Own Personal Brand

I’ve always been a big proponent of having a personal brand. In plain terms your personal brand is what people know you for. Think about that for a second, what are you known for? I would assume when people think about me they know I’m the guy who runs ThinkComputers, takes photos of what he eats and maybe even a guy who gives good advice about running an online business. There are many platforms for building your own personal brand, which we will get into in a second, but why should you waste time building your personal brand?

Google Plus Review – A Week In

It seems the buzz all around the internet for the past couple of weeks has been about Google’s new social platform Google Plus or Google+. We have seen Google social things before like Buzz, which really did not catch on, but it seems many people are embracing Google+. Google+ is a social network, but what makes it different from Facebook? Well first off Google+ does not have games or 3rd party apps at this time. This means you are not getting stupid requests for apps and for people asking you to help them in Mafia Wars or something like that.