How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

[ad#right]If you have been reading this blog for a while you probably know that before I was running ThinkComputers full time it was just a hobby. I feel very fortunate that I was able to take a hobby and turn it into a full time job. It’s not often that many people get to do what they love for a living. I’m not sure if I would call myself lucky, because it did take a lot work to get where I am but I guess I feel lucky that my job really does not feel like a real job. The thing is anyone can really do what I do, and anyone can turn their hobby into a business. The thing is, it just takes WORK! I worked on ThinkComputers just for fun, without making any money for almost 4 years before I learned I could make money with it! Here are some tips that should help you turn your hobby into a business.

If you want something to succeed then you have to be dedicated to it! When I decided to go full time with ThinkComputers thats all I did. I worked on it 24/7 and rarely ever went out. I’m not saying this is the best thing to do, but you do need to be dedicated. You need to choose whether you want your business to succeed or just let it slide along. My dedication has really paid off, if you read my post How to Work Less and Get Out More you will see why!

Goals are Important
Goals are important when it comes to almost anything. When I decided to go full time with ThinkComputers I set a definite goal of posting at least 3-4 review a week. Since then we have not really gone under that number, unless something serious was going on with me or the site. If you have a goals setup they keep you on track and you feel great when you are able to accomplish them.

Treat it like a Business
This is probably the most important thing you need to do if you want to succeed in making your hobby a business. If you act like your hobby is just a hobby you are never going to be able to make it your business. If you treat it like a business you will see that it will become more successful. Treating it like a business means defining goals, being dedicated, and actually really caring about it. Not doing it whenever you feel like it and putting it second to other things.