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If You Haven’t Heard Of Casey Neistat

I guess I was first introduced to Casey Neistat when I saw his video Make It Count way back in 2012. It is a really awesome video so if you have 5 minutes go watch it! A few months ago my friend Rob made a post about Casey’s 1-year VLOG episode so I decided to see what it was all about. After watching that VLOG episode I decided to go back to the first episode and start watching. I’m already caught up to his current VLOG episodes! I’ve watched over a year of Casey’s daily VLOG’s and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. So what makes Casey so interesting and keeps me watching?

TeuxDeux: The Pefect To-Do List

So for the longest time I had been looking for a to-do list app for my iPhone. Not only just an iPhone app, but something that I could use on my desktop or pretty much anywhere. So many of the apps that I found were not simple to do list’s and have so many unnecessary features that makes things confusing and do not get the job done. A couple of months ago my friend Pat told me about TeuxDeux.

Google Plus Review – A Week In

It seems the buzz all around the internet for the past couple of weeks has been about Google’s new social platform Google Plus or Google+. We have seen Google social things before like Buzz, which really did not catch on, but it seems many people are embracing Google+. Google+ is a social network, but what makes it different from Facebook? Well first off Google+ does not have games or 3rd party apps at this time. This means you are not getting stupid requests for apps and for people asking you to help them in Mafia Wars or something like that.