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Being an Entrepreneur and Having a Relationship

Last week I came across a great article at Elite Daily entitled “Why It Is Impossible For Entrepreneurs To Have Girlfriends” and after reading it, it really stuck a cord with me because I have been in many relationships that ended up not working out because “I was working too much”.

While this may have been true one thing that I have realized in doing what I have been doing for the past 10 years is that unless I’m married or have kids work should always come first. I’ve made the mistake over the years of neglecting business for a girl and in the long run the girl is gone and my business has suffered. And when you break up with someone you want to go blow money on something and you can’t really do that if your business is not making that much!

I had shared the article on Facebook (which Facebook removed for some reason), but I did get some interesting feedback. Well go read the article and here is what I think based on my experience of running my own business and having several different types of relationships.

What it comes down to is the type of girl you are dating. You are building a business and that is going to take up a lot of type time. The girl you are dating needs to understand that and be supportive. They need to support you when you are working 16-18 hour days, when you have a deadline to meet, and when you have to fly across the country last minute for an important meeting. If you have a girl like that she’s definitely a keeper and she knows if you succeed you both succeed in the long run.

Now on the other hand there is the needy girl. In my experience these are the younger immature girls. They tend to want your attention all the time and don’t understand that just because you are own boss it does not mean that you don’t have to work. I’ve been in these relationships and they are exhausting. You don’t want to upset the girl so you slack off on work and spend more time with her. In the end your business suffers and that type of girl will never be right for your type of lifestyle. Great quote from the article…

“They can’t understand that the entrepreneurial life comes first. You might have to cancel your dinner plans. You might forget an anniversary. Drop a ho, your priorities are straight.”

Finally if you find a girl that is also an entrepreneur this is great. She will actually know the struggles you are going through and how important work is to you as they have been there or are going through the same thing. You both can support each other and motivate each other to do better.

So at the end of the day if your relationship is causing issues with your business I suggest your really consider your options. Just as the article says…

“A girlfriend is nothing more than a distraction, especially at our young age. We’re too young to settle down. Why would we wife these girls up when the groupies are younger, tighter and hotter.”