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The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned In The Past 32 Years

Not that long ago I turned 32, it is interesting turning another year older and how much things can just change in a years time. Each year a write a post around my birthday talking about how I’ve changed or what I am doing differently, etc. This year I want to talk about just one thing, and that is the most important thing I’ve learned in my 32 years of living…

Possessions mean nothing. That is what I’ve come to realize. We grow up wanting that car, that house, those nice clothes, but do any of those things bring you happiness? In my case they really don’t. I mean maybe temporary happiness, but I don’t think back on my life and remember that watch I bought or suit I just had to have.

This has nothing to do with money. There is that saying “money can’t buy happiness” and it might be somewhat true, but you will need money to do all of the fun things in your life, there is no way around it. Money is also a great tool to allow you the freedom of time to do all the fun things in your life. So don’t think that money isn’t important, because it is.

It is what you do with your money that makes all the difference. I tend to spend most of my money on experiences and these are the things I remember the most when I look back on my life and that have brought me the most happiness. All of the crazy Vegas adventures with Jack, Mark, and Derrick, boating adventures over the past 3 years, the Trip to Naples with Tom and the crew, going to Atlantic City on a whim (twice!), traveling to California for the first time ever where I met Jack, Ian, and Krystyl, spending New Years in New York City, all of the trips to DC to see DJs, and much more!

So if you seem to be unhappy think about what you are spending your money on? Are you spending money on meaningless possessions that only give you temporary happiness? When you could be experiencing life with friends and creating memories that will always bring you happiness.

Cover photo by Joshua Earle