Using a Daily Routine to Maximize Work

Since coming back from vacation it has been hard to get used to working again. So I have setup a daily routine to help me get back to work. It has really proved to be very effective and I’m now getting more work done then before I went away. My daily routine starts when I wake up. I first check my e-mail, then post news on ThinkComputers, then post news on ThinkGaming, and finally post a blog post. That is the first half of my work. I eat something then either work on writing a review or preparing a review to be posted on ThinkComputers. With this system I fell less stressed and I am getting more work done.

Not a to-do list
A daily routine is not a to-do list. Before I went away I made daily to-do lists and they worked well, but having a routine is so much better because I do everything in a specific order and make sure everything gets done. With a to-do list I was randomly doing the tasks.

Not a Schedule
A daily routine is not a schedule either. The main reason I say that is that I don’t have a specific time that these things need to get done. Just like today I woke up about 2 hours later then the previous days, but unlike a schedule this did not affect my routine, because my routine does not have time constraints. So anytime that I wake up works for me.

Different Parts
I split the routine up into a few different parts. First in the “morning” part, which is everything I do before I eat, which includes posting news on both my sites, checking e-mail, and writing a blog post. Then part 2 is lunch. Part 3 is either writing a review or preparing a review to post. This can take a while so I usually take a dinner break in between those which is part 4. Part 5 is finished the review or posting it. Then I have free time.

It is so nice have the free time. Even Ashley said it seems like I am getting more done each day and don’t seem as stressed. If you are having trouble with time management try a route. It has worked the best for me out of a set schedule and a to-do list.