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Tim Ferris is back with the 4-Hour Chef!

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you know I love food and I love cooking, that is why I am super excited for Tim Ferris’s new book the 4-Hour Chef! Tim’s book the 4-Hour Workweek really changed how I thought about time management and made all of my businesses more successful. I really like Tim’s writing style and the way he is straight forward with things. Here is what the 4-Hour Chef is all about…

The tagline for the book is, “The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life”. Time says, “The book is intended to be “the cookbook for people who don’t buy cookbooks,” The 4-Hour Chef will use food as a vehicle to teach the art and science of meta-learning–the skill of learning skills. Whether you want to learn a new instrument or a new sport (or anything in between), you’ll have a field-tested and research-backed blueprint. In addition to insight from world-class chefs, we’ll have an unreal cast of characters helping you to multiply your learning potential.”

For a limited time, to celebrate the announcement, you can pre-order The 4-Hour Chef for 50-80% off. Instead of $30 for print, you can reserve a copy for $15. Instead of $22 for Kindle, you can get it for $9.99.

If you have read any of Tim’s books you know this one is going to be just as good. I can’t wait to get it and learn so much more about cooking and food!