Launched the Official ThinkComputers YouTube Channel!

ThinkComputers has really not done that much video, although we should! All of the videos on ThinkComputers prior to a month ago were mixed in with videos on my personal YouTube page. This was an issue for many reasons so I decided one to create a channel specifically for ThinkComputers and to produce more video content.

So the ThinkComputers YouTube Channel was launched! I have done a good job so far keeping it updated. I want to post at least 1 video a week if not more. Right now we are doing a lot of unboxing videos, but we also will be doing video reviews, game reviews, and event coverage!

Another great thing about having a separate YouTube channel for ThinkComputers is that I am able monetize the videos to start making money from them. This not only will put some extra money in my pocket, but keep me more motivated to keep on producing videos.

Check out the ThinkComputers YouTube channel and let me know what you think! If you like the channel make sure you subscribe!