Finding More Interesting Content on Google+

I’ve always liked being able to find interesting and intelligent information and conversations online.  I think it all started with people posting links on IRC and on forums.  From there it went on to social networks.  Of course MySpace was first, but when that was overrun with garbage and profiles that gave me a siezure so I moved over to Facebook.  This was when you still needed a .edu E-mail address to register for the site.

On Facebook I was delighted to find interesting posts and great conversations, things that I actually wanted to know about and discuss.  Then along came Twitter, it seemed like this was the new thing.  People were posting as things were happening and it felt like you were really there.  Not only that so many interesting people were joining twitter.

Over the past year or so both of those social networks have blown up and it seems everyone has either a Facebook or twitter account.  Your friends and people you meet out add you and you accept them because you have met them etc.  So now your news feed and twitter stream is filled with garbage and things that do not really matter to you.  I mean you can block posts from a specific user on Facebook or create user lists on twitter, but who wants to do that really.  Even if you do that Facebook’s Edgerank determines what posts actually show up in your news feed anyways.

I remember Facebook being an awesome place to find great content, now it is just full of garbage. I have turned to Google+ to find actual good and intelligent conversations. It seems everyone in tech is on Google+ and they use it to create great conversations and share really awesome content. Some people you should definitely be following are Robert Scoble, Mike Elgan, and Guy Kawasaki.

Another great thing about Google+ is when you “add” or start following someone you can add them into a circle. Then you can filter your stream by circle, this would be really helpful on Facebook, although most of the people who I followed on Facebook who had interesting things to say are now on Google+. Twitter is limited to only 140 characters, Facebook is 63,206 and Google+ is 100,000. So since you are able to write more you are able to have really in-depth conversations.

If you feel like Twitter or Facebook is lacking great content and you are tired of seeing people talk about meaningless things give Google+ a chance. You can search for great circles and people to follow.