A Front Page Update to ThinkComputers

This year I have really been putting a lot of work into ThinkComputers. We are now doing video reviews and unboxings, we have community forums, a weekly newsletter and much more. One thing we never really posted much on the site was news. I just never viewed it as something important and I wanted to keep the focus on the reviews and articles on the site. For that reason the front page of ThinkComputers only listed articles and reviews. To see any news you would have to actually go into the news section, although there was not much of any news there.

Well a few weeks ago that changed. I have started to post at least 2 or more news stories a day. After talking with many people they all told me they like keeping up to date on industry news and they always go back to sites that have daily news. Doing this is going to require more work, but finding tech news is really not that hard at all and if posting more news will get more people to come to the site more often I am all for it.

So I needed to change the front page of ThinkComputers to display news as well as the articles and reviews. That was easily done with a simple WordPress plugin. ThinkComputers has 4 “featured” boxes at the top of the site. We used these to promote featured content. If I wanted a post to show up there it would be put in the featured category. Now I needed those 4 boxes to show the latest reviews, articles and videos on the site. I thought this would be easy, but when you want to display content from more than one category in WordPress it is a bit hard, especially since I really do not do any coding. After a few hours I had it working though (stay tuned for a future post on how I did it).

This is the first real “change” of the website’s front page in a while. I like change and it always gets me motivated to keep on improving. Also posting industry news keeps me up to date with things. I have some other big updates planned for ThinkComputers, but I first have to figure out the coding and the jQuery library.