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Firefox vs. IE

Well I was looking over my traffic the past few days and I came across some interesting information, more people are viewing my site in firefox than IE.  This really suprised me because IE comes with almost every PC you buy (with windows).  You have to download and install firefox.  This tell you one of…

A CMS vs. Coding

Running a many different websites there are some things to choose from. One of the biggest is hand-coding everything or choosing a CMS that will work for your site. On ThinkComputers I hand code all of the review and article pages, where as on ThinkCE and ThinkGaming I use a CMS called Joomla. There are…

Content is EASY!

Running a website like ThinkComputers content is everything. If I don’t constantly produce content people do not come back to the site. I mean some will, all sites have return visitors, but if you don’t put out new content then what reason do people have to come back to your site? Some people think this…