What is Empire Avenue?

A few weeks ago I kept on hearing about this site called Empire Avenue, then people kept on tweeting about it so I had to check it out. Empire Avenue is basically an online stock market simulation, but you are not investing in companies, but people. How it works is that you create an account add your social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, etc). Once your accounts are connected you are eventually given a share price based on the activity and engagement of those accounts. When your share price is established people are able to invest in you.

Empire Avenue uses what they called “Eaves” as their virtual currency. You are given a set amount of Eaves when you start and can gain Eaves by doing many different things. First you are able to invest (buy shares) in users on Empire avenue. Once you buy the shares you will be given a daily dividend, which is a good way to earn Eaves. You also earn Eaves when people buy shares in you. You can earn achievements or invite people to join Empire Avenue and that will give you Eaves as well. If you are lazy you can purchase Eaves.

The site can be quite addicting as the normal stock market is for many people. At least with Empire Avenue you are spending fake currency not real money. Your share price is based on engagement so the more you interact on your social networks the more you will end up being worth. This makes the game fun and makes your more productive on those social networks. The main goal of the game is to have the most wealth based on your your investments and income. The best way to do this is invest wisely and keep trying to grow your market share so more people will invest in you.

Right now I have a net wealth of 84,799.945 and 11 people have invested in me. I currently invest in 14 people and have 28,232.31 in the bank. Empire Avenue is a lot of fun, go ahead and check it out and maybe you might want to invest in me!