Not Blogging as Much…

Well as you may have noticed my blogging has been a little dry lately. I mean the main reasons really is that I have been super busy, but after thinking about it there are a few different reasons why my blogging has slowed down. I think the biggest reasons is all of the micro-blogging platforms that I use. This blog is to keep people updated on my life, but with all those micro-blogging platforms I can do that very easily and with less work. As well as right from the event or place I am at.

Some of you may already follow me on these platforms, but I am going to list them so you can be up to date with what I am doing. The biggest one is twitter. Everything I do I post on twitter so that is the main one if you want to follow me on there.

I post many pictures and videos. Those all go through twitter as well as Posterous and Tumblr. These photo blogs I have really show you what I’m up to.

Don’t worry I will still be keeping this blog up for longer posts and things I want to talk about. I just wanted to let you know about the other ways you can stay in touch with what I am doing.