Pittsburgh Bucket List Launched

I’m sure many of you have heard of bucket list’s. They are lists of things you would want to do before you die or before you move away etc. After doing some research I found there was not really a bucket list that was specific to Pittsburgh. So I decided to make a Pittsburgh Bucket List website.

I first came up with my list. The idea was that I would be leaving Pittsburgh for good in 1 year. Of course that is not the case, but that this the premise of the website. I first came up with 16 things I would want to do before I would leave Pittsburgh for good. This is not a large list, but it is a start. I want to get the list up to 100 items!

I love to try new things and I always love going new places. This bucket list is a great way to experience new things and share them with people. Each time I complete something on the list I will be blogging about it so you can experience it as well.

The site was really easy to make. It is based off WordPress and the layout was a free one I found online. Any feedback on the site would be great!