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The Website is Down – Sales Demolition

Back in 2008 I talked about the Website is Down video that was going around the internet. It was extremely funny, especially if you ever worked in IT or tech support before. After watching that video a few times I really never went back to the website, but the other day I thought of it and I went back to the website to see that they had 3 new videos. Each of them are pretty funny but their latest one Sales Demolition is extremely hilarious! You can check it out below…

Why Are You Not On Foursquare!

If you haven’t heard of foursquare by now you should have! Foursquare is a location-based social networking site. I have actually been using location-based social networking sites for a while now. I first started with Brightkite, which was a service where I could check in places and share my location with people. Foursquare is much the same thing except they have added a sort of game aspect to it by giving you points for checking in places and awarding badges for doing certain things.

I Hate My Roommate Launched!

[ad#right]As I said in my Rethinking 2010 post I wanted to work on more projects and this is my first one. Have you ever had a bad roommate? I sure have and I realized there really isn’t anywhere online to complain and rant about your bad roommate. So I decided to create I Hate My Roommate, I place where you can put your roommate on blast! I have collected a few stories from friends and I have quite a few of my own on that will be going up on the site in the coming weeks. The site really isn’t there to make any money or anything like that, just something fun to do.

Have you checked out the Random Show?

Lately I haven’t had time to watch any TV or even listen to Podcast’s that I would listen to on a weekly basis. One thing I always try to do is listen or watch things that inspire me or make me want to do more. Surprisingly the Random Show is one of those things. The Random Show was put together by Kevin Rose and Tim Ferris where they talk about traveling, investing, technology, health etc. Kevin Rose is the founder of Digg.com, but you also may know him from The Screen Savers back in the old TechTV days. Tim Ferris is best know for his book The 4-Hour Workweek, he also has done some pretty amazing things in his life.

Mentioned in the New York Times

Back in January I wrote an article on ThinkComputers about this year’s experience at CES, where companies were getting thrown out of hotels because they did not register with the CEA. I also reposted the article on this blog as I wanted to share my experience with all of the readers here. About a week after the article was posted I was contacted by the New York Times, they interviewed me for about 30 minutes about the article and my CES experience this year compared to last year. I was pretty cool being interviewed, I have only been interviewed 2 other times and it was by websites, not a big publication like the New York Times. Here is a quote from the article…

Backupify – Secure Your Online Life

I use many online services and I’m sure you do too. If you don’t think you do you probably at least have a Facebook account. So you put tons of photos on there, write long notes, get tagged in photos etc. What if for some reason Facebook crashed and you lost all of those images and other important things on Facebook? This is very unlikely to happen, but it is always good to have a backup of everything. This is where Backupify comes in. It’s a service that backs up many cloud services and for a limited time (till Jan 31st) the service is free.