Getting Organized With Google Calendar & Prioritab

When you are running your own business one thing you always struggle with is staying organized and productive. At a normal job you are told what to do or are given your tasks to complete, whereas when you are running your own business you know what you need to get done, but it is up to you when and if you do them. I have used so many different productivity tools over the years, but it seems I have settled on two which really get the job done for me. They are Google Calendar and Prioritab.

If You Haven’t Heard Of Casey Neistat

I guess I was first introduced to Casey Neistat when I saw his video Make It Count way back in 2012. It is a really awesome video so if you have 5 minutes go watch it! A few months ago my friend Rob made a post about Casey’s 1-year VLOG episode so I decided to see what it was all about. After watching that VLOG episode I decided to go back to the first episode and start watching. I’m already caught up to his current VLOG episodes! I’ve watched over a year of Casey’s daily VLOG’s and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. So what makes Casey so interesting and keeps me watching?

Things I’ve Learned Running a Digital Agency For a Year

So it has been about a year since I started Look Social. If you did not know Look Social is a full service digital agency that does logo design, web design, social media management, internet marketing and much more. It has been an interesting year starting the company and more and less learning as I go. With ThinkComputers I really never dealt with customers, made up contracts, etc. So there was a lot of learning and I sure have made some mistakes, but that is of course how you learn. Here are some of the biggest things I’ve learned over the past year.