The Deep Creek Trip

Well it seems that summer is coming to an end! It seems it is this time of year when I catch up on my blogging. During all summer I am trying to get the most of out the nice days I tend to slack off on blogging about my adventures! So stay tuned for a few posts about some of the trips and adventures I went on this summer!

The first big trip that I went on this summer was to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland at the beginning of June. My buddy Logan planned the trip as a surprise birthday present for our friend Minday. Deep Creek is about 3 hours away so it was not all that hard to haul Logan’s boat to the lake. We rented a house that overlooked the lake. The house was sort of secluded so we had a lot of privacy. The house was really nice and I think it slept 10 people.

Of course the big draw to the area was the lake. This was actually my first time to Deep Creek Lake. We planned on doing a lot of wakeboarding but the water was really choppy most of the day. We got our best sets in right before the sun went down! We actually did not know we couldn’t wakeboard after sunset and got pulled over. The police were nice enough to let us off with a warning.


Our friend Gabe came up the second day with the flyboard and I used it for the first time, it actually is not all that hard, but when you get up high it is a little scary!

The weekend away with friends was definitely nice and a perfect birthday for Minday. I definitely see us going back to Deep Creek next year!


There are quite a lot of houses to rent in the area so if you live within a few hours it is a perfect weekend getaway, especially if you have a boat!