A Summer On The Water

As it gets into Fall and Winter I am finally going to start trying to have a regular blog schedule. So expect a lot more blogging about what I have going on, business, and more in the coming months.

This post is something I have been wanting to write for a while because the past two summers have been unlike any other really. For the past two summers I have spent most of my time on the water. So many of my friends have boats and it is just a great feeling to be out on the water. So here is a little recap of what my summer on the water has been like!


There are so many events in Pittsburgh in the summer that focus on the rivers. This year for the first time I saw the fireworks at the point from a boat, which was amazing. Other great events to be on the water for are Pirates and Steelers games. It’s like we have our own little boat community that comes out for these events.

Boat Parties

A summer is not complete without boat parties and there were quite a lot of them this year! Again the community of boaters in Pittsburgh that want to have fun is great and there never is drama. Some of the memorable boat parties this summer were Gabe’s Memorial Day party, the big tie-off by Sandcastle, and the two Pier Parties, where we found an old abandoned pier and decided to have a party on it, complete with a DJ!

Water Sports

Being on the river means there are a lot of fun activities to do. This year I learned to wakeboard and paddleboard for the first time. Wakeboarding was a little hard at first, but by the end of the summer I was able to get up on the board. It is a really great feeling! Paddleboarding is not as hard and is actually a pretty good workout! I can’t wait till next year so I can get better at both!

Just Relaxing

There is something about being on the water that is just relaxing. There were so many times this summer that we just took the boat out and maybe tied up to 1 or 2 other boats and hung out. It was definitely a great way to spend a summer day. Summer sunsets are amazing to watch on the river and it just feels like you are in another world. Again, so relaxing and just chill. Much better than spending a night in a bar or a club.

Being on the river this summer and last summer really made me fall back in love with Pittsburgh. There is just something different about being on the water that I love. Next summer can’t come soon enough…