Has Tinder Ruined Modern Dating?

Dating, it’s something that can be very time consuming and at the same time very enjoyable. Dating these days is a hell of a lot different than it was even 5 years ago. Dating sites and apps have made it easier to meet people and decide if you actually want to go on a date with them or not, but have these dating sites and apps ruined modern dating? Many people that I’ve talked to say they would rather be single for one reason or another, which I feel is very different from when these apps and dating sites did not exist. Here are a few reasons why I think Tinder and other dating apps have ruined modern dating.

I think one of the main reasons why modern dating is changing and why many people want to be single is choice. At any point in time I can jump on Tinder or any other dating app and match up with someone and decide if I want to ask them out or not. I could easily go on 3-4 dates a week if I really wanted to. Or maybe I start talking to someone then someone else grabs my attention. Maybe the person I am talking to or getting to know does something to piss me off or make me mad, I can open one of these apps and start talking to someone. This is a common theme I see with people who are in relationships, we’ve all seen it, you know when you see someone who you know is clearly in a relationship pop up on Tinder. Having the choice of multiple people to talk to makes is very hard to actually want to narrow it down to a single one.

They Are Talking To Multiple People
Now on the other hand if you are a person who really wants to settle down and you happen to meet someone on one of these sites or apps you will slowly learn that they are like the above example. They are talking to or dating multiple people at once. They like that they can get attention at anytime by opening the app and talking to people. In my experience it is very hard to actually date someone like that as they have a constant need for that attention. Most people I’ve met via online dating are always talking to multiple people.

Wanna F&*K?
If you are a girl on Tinder or any other dating site I’m sure you’ve heard this line before. Well guess what girls say it too. For guys, do you actually think this is going to work? For the girls that are saying it, major turn-off! Sadly this is what Tinder and other dating sites have turned into. So you have to weed through the creeps to actually find someone that can hold a real conversation.

It’s Work!
We live in an age where everything in instant. When you start a conversation with someone on one of these dating sites it’s like you have to sit there and message them all day. If you set the phone down for any period of time they either move on to someone else or get mad that you haven’t responded within 10 minutes! I really is work some of the time!

You Really Don’t Know The Person
We are deciding if we want to go out with these people primarily based on photos and chatting for a little bit. That does not really mean we know this person all that well. For the most part the girls I’ve gone on dates with from these apps are not friends with anyone I know so it’s not like I can ask around about them or anything. These people could be total creeps, look nothing like their photos, have a habit you can’t stand, etc. It is quite odd going out with someone you’ve never met before and that none of your friends know. So either these dates go well, or extremely bad and I’ve heard many horror stories!

At the end of the day apps like Tinder have made it much easier to meet people, but at the same time they have changed whole dynamic of dating in this modern age. Do you use Tinder or a similar dating app? Let me know you story in the comments below!