Another Amazing Summer

It seems that once it starts getting colder here in Pittsburgh I get back to blogging. Summer is finally over and I have to say that past summer was such a blast. And like any summer I’ve grown, learned new things, and most importantly learned a lot about myself.

Before I get into my summer check out the video below from Casey Neistat about summer. I feel the same way about summer. Summer for me was a time where I felt anything was possible, where I would wake up and each day was a new adventure. I think that as we get older some people forget that, but summer, at least for me is always this magical time.

I love the ending, “You can sleep in September”. So one big thing that was different about this summer was I was able to document a lot of it because I have a new camera. Earlier this year I bought a Sony a6300 and it has to be one of the best investments that I’ve ever made. We’ll get more into that in another blog post, but creating films from my experiences has been a new way to express myself instead of writing. I don’t think that I’m ever going to stop writing, it’s something that I feel I’m very good at, and it is actually something that relaxes me at times.

Summer for me is always being on the water. There is just something about it that I love. The highlight of this summer definitely has to be the trip to Lake Norman in North Carolina. It was a straight 7 days on the lake with some amazing people. Check out the video playlist below.

Since YouTube wouldn’t let me use the music in day 7 here is that video as well.

One awesome thing that happened this summer was the Red Bull Flutag was held here. It is basically an anything that flies type of event and it was pretty cool they brought it to Pittsburgh.

You can check out my full gallery of photos from the Flutag and the Regatta here.

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a trip to end it all and this year it was a boat trip to Tygart Lake in West Virginia. I had never been to this lake before, but it was a fun little day trip.

It is always good to end summer on a high note like that and with some of your best friends.

While this was just a recap of some of my summer I do have to say, like I do after each summer, that it was a blast. Summer is short, maybe that is why many of us feel the way we do about it. Maybe it’s because we get to do what we love (be on the water). Or maybe it’s just when you and all your friends can get together for good times. Whatever the reason summer is magical to me and this summer was no different.