The Summersville Trip

Ok! Ok! I know I need to wrap up these posts I’ve been meaning to write since summer! Let’s go back to the middle of August when a group of us went down to Summersville, West Virginia! This was sort of a last minute trip I went on with my Gabe, Jess, and Mel. It was actually my first time ever going to Summersville and man did we have a blast, even though we were only there for a day and a half! Check out the video I made which kind of showcases what were were up to.

This is actually the first time I made a video like this and I think it turned out pretty well. All the footage was shot on an iPhone 6s and I put it all together in Adobe Premier.

Anyways, Summersville is a little over a 3 hour drive from Pittsburgh. Of course everyone goes there for the lake, which is why we were there. Gabe brought his boat down and so did our friend Drew. It total there was probably close to 20 of us there. There is a campground that is right on the lake, which we all stayed at. The lake itself is actually quite big and since it is a man-made lake there are cliffs in many sections of the lake. There is actually one really cool spot which is like a cove were you can climb up and jump off the cliffs!

We spent most of the day and a half on the water wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and just hanging out. It was great to get out of Pittsburgh and go somewhere different for a change. The water was actually pretty nice for water sports and I was very surprised at how clear the water was too!

Late at night a few of us went down to the water and went swimming. It was pretty surreal to be swimming in the lake in the middle of the night under moonlight. It was just so relaxing and peaceful, you couldn’t hear anyone or anything. We literally just sat our there for hours talking and just relaxing. It has to be one of the coolest things I’ve done all summer!

The second day we boated and hung out until we had to leave. It was sort of sad leaving, but just spending a day and a half there was totally worth the 3-hour drive. If you are looking for a cool place to go boating or to do any type of water sports Summersville Lake is a really great place to go.