Welcome To The New BobBuskirk.com

If you haven’t noticed I’ve given the blog a little face-lift! While I really loved my previous design, I had been using it for a very long time and it just seemed dated. I also wanted something with a little more functionality and worked better with social media sharing. So what you see now is the new layout and I am very happy with it!

While so many people have transformed their blogs into landing pages with call to actions and how to hire them etc, I wanted to keep this a true blog and keep the blog format. The big change for me is not listing full blog posts on the main page though, now you get a little excerpt and you have to click through. I like this because it shows you more of my posts and makes the main page flow better. There are actually 15 posts on the main page now!.

Another thing that I wanted the ability to do was feature some of my favorite posts. So at the top you will see 3 of my favorite posts. Over time I will be able to add more and you’ll be able to scroll through them.


The social media integration I now have is really great. On each post you have the ability to share via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. I also have my social links on the top and bottom of the site. The bottom of the site shows random photos from my Instagram feed too! I think this looks awesome!


The blog is also much more mobile-friendly than the old version. It looks great on tablets and smartphones! The updates are not done just yet, I still want to add a Hire Me page and I want to update the Resources page as well as the About Me page. Let me know what you think of the updates.

If you want a blog design like this or need a makeover for your current blog be sure to let me know. My company Look Social specializes in things like that and if you mention you came from this blog I’ll give you a discount!