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Seeing How A Graphics Card Is Made In Dongguan, China

So I had told you guys that I was in Hong Kong for the first time. Going to Hong Kong was actually part of a trip put on by Zotac. We work with Zotac at ThinkComputers and they make a variety of computer products, but are mainly known for graphics cards. They were celebrating their 10th Anniversary and while most of the events were in Hong Kong, they set up a factory tour for us to see how their products are actually made.

Zotac products are made at the PC Partner Factory, which is located in Dongguan, China. So to get there we had to leave Hong Kong and go into mainland China. For those who do not know Hong Kong is seperate from mainland China. For instance as a U.S. citizen I do not need a visa to enter Hong Kong, but to enter mainland China I do. The bus trip from Hong Kong to Dongguan, China was 2-3 hours and was actually quite interesting as it gave us a chance to really see mainland China and not just the big city that is Hong Kong. Looking at Google Maps I believe we took the “G4” up to the factory. Here are some photos I took along the way.

 Once we arrived in Dongguan we were taken to the HJ International Hotel for lunch, which happens to be a 5 star hotel. It was sort of interesting that this area of China seemed to be a little run down, but there were a few massive 5-star hotels right in this area. For example right across the street was the Sheraton Dongguan Hotel, which is also a 5-star hotel. Obviously a lot of computer, electronic, and other goods are made in this area so these hotels serve businessmen coming in to check on the factories etc. The HJ International Hotel was very nice, we were taken up to the 43rd floor to Nihon Japanese Restaurant. Sort of ironic right, going to China to eat Japanese food! Nihon was quite good, they had sashimi for us, which was pretty amazing! I also ordered Ramen. Being on the 43rd floor we had a great view of Dongguan and the surrounding area.

 After lunch we were taken to the PC Partner Factory, which was very close by. To get on the floor of the factory you have to wear an anti-static suit, etc. I think I looked pretty funny!

 We were given a full factory tour showing just how graphics cards are made! If you are a computer nerd like me you know I was totally geeking out! Its pretty cool to see how something you use everyday is made! Here is a video I put together of the process for ThinkComputers.

After the tour we had to take the long trip back to Hong Kong. On the way back we took the “S3” which took us a long the coast. It made for some really cool photos and again was great to see what mainland China really looks like.

 It was a really great experience being able to go to mainland China and see how graphics cards are made. It was also really cool that we had that long bus ride were we had the chance to see what China is like outside of the big cities. If you want to learn more about how graphics cards are made check out my post over at ThinkComputers!