How to Start a Tech Site Webinar

I get this question all of the time, “How can I do what you do?”. That question is not always the easiest thing to answer. This Thursday I will be partnering with John Chow, Stephen Fung and Gary Ng to explain how you can start a tech / review blog or site. Many people think that you need to big one of the biggest sites out there to make money, but you really don’t need to be. I know I make a very comfortable living off of ThinkComputers. I assume that Stepehen and Gary do off their sites as well. John got his start on the internet with a tech site and actually showed me how to make money with ThinkComputers.

In this webinar we will be showing you how we started our sites, how we have been able to maintain them, and some tips and tricks we are using to keep the money coming in. After the presentation we will also have a Q&A session. Here is all the information you will need about the webinar…

The webinar is 100% free to attend and we will not be pitching you anything and there will be nothing to buy at the end. If you ever were interested in starting a tech or review website / blog I highly recommend you attend!