Have you checked out the Random Show?

[ad#right]Lately I haven’t had time to watch any TV or even listen to Podcast’s that I would listen to on a weekly basis. One thing I always try to do is listen or watch things that inspire me or make me want to do more. Surprisingly the Random Show is one of those things. The Random Show was put together by Kevin Rose and Tim Ferris where they talk about traveling, investing, technology, health etc. Kevin Rose is the founder of Digg.com, but you also may know him from The Screen Savers back in the old TechTV days. Tim Ferris is best know for his book The 4-Hour Workweek, he also has done some pretty amazing things in his life.

The show is those 2 sitting down and talking about pretty much anything, hence the name The Random Show. There really is no schedule of when new episodes will come out but there are 8 right now. I have embedded the first 3 episodes below, but you can check out most of them here and here is the link to episode 8. Enjoy!