I Hate My Roommate Launched!

[ad#right]As I said in my Rethinking 2010 post I wanted to work on more projects and this is my first one. Have you ever had a bad roommate? I sure have and I realized there really isn’t anywhere online to complain and rant about your bad roommate. So I decided to create I Hate My Roommate, I place where you can put your roommate on blast! I have collected a few stories from friends and I have quite a few of my own on that will be going up on the site in the coming weeks. The site really isn’t there to make any money or anything like that, just something fun to do.

Right now we have it so anyone can submit and story, but we also have a thing called Dear Roommate where you can write a short blurb about what is bothering you about your roommate currently. That is located on the side of the page.

The site is of course based on WordPress so it is very easy to update and of course I can schedule posts, which makes things a whole lot easier. My friend Jack helped modify the layout and he did some extra coding for the site as well.

We really hope that the site catches on and we have people submitting stories to us everyday! Already many of our friends enjoy the site and I hope you do too! If you have any suggestions or comments on the site please let me know and make sure to follow I Hate My Roommate on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook!