Using Twitter Search to Start a Conversation

By now you have probably have heard all of the hype about Twitter. Everyone uses Twitter these days, it is sort of stupid to not use twitter if you have a company or brand. You cannot just setup a twitter account and post updates and expect to get a ton of followers and people interested in your brand.

There are many ways to get a ton of followers and gain an audience, but the way I’m going to show you will really help you gain a one on one relationship with your followers and help you gain new followers.

My friend Kelly actually showed me this method so I cannot take full credit for it. As I said twitter is very popular, but have you ever used Twitter search? Go ahead and put in any keyword in and see whats comes up. For example with the ThinkComputers account I put in “SSD”. A ton of results showed up, but some of them were people asking what type of solid state drive (SSD) to purchase. I went ahead and responded to them giving them my advice on which SSD’s are the best. By doing this I was able to start a conversation with someone and in-turn they started following ThinkComputers and are genuinely interested in what I have to say.

This method is not going to get you a million followers, it is not meant to do that. It will get you followers who are interested in what you have to say and in my opinion one follower like that is worth more than 50 followers who see one of your updates and are not interested at all.

So when you have some free time use Twitter search and start a conversation with someone! Remember to follow me on Twitter too!