Why Are You Not On Foursquare!

[ad#right]If you haven’t heard of foursquare by now you should have! Foursquare is a location-based social networking site. I have actually been using location-based social networking sites for a while now. I first started with Brightkite, which was a service where I could check in places and share my location with people. Foursquare is much the same thing except they have added a sort of game aspect to it by giving you points for checking in places and awarding badges for doing certain things.

This game aspect is very fun and foursquare even provides weekly leader boards of the people with the most points in each city. Also if you have the most check in’s at a location you become the “Mayor” of that location. So every time someone goes to check in they will see your picture and be notified that you are the mayor. Badges also make the service very fun, think of them like achievements that you would get on Xbox. For example you get the Explorer Badge for checking into 25 different venues and the Bender Badge for checking in 4 nights in a row.

So how do you start using foursquare? Instead of me explaining it to you there is a great video showing you everything below.

I really enjoy foursquare and my friends and I always compete to see who can get the most points each week! It is also a great service to see where your friends are at, some nights I’m sitting here and see a lot of my friends checking in a certain place and I end up going there. If you haven’t checked out foursquare then you should! Also be sure to add me!