Rethinking 2010

[ad#right]This year started off just like every year with the trip to Vegas for CES. That trip is a great way to start the year and gives me great motivation, but this year I didn’t seem as motivated from it. I’m really not sure why but starting in February I really started to ask myself the question, What am I doing with my life? I know running ThinkComputers is a full time job, but it just seemed like I could be doing more with my life. As I said before I started watching the Random Show and because of that I decided to pick up Tim Ferris’s book The Four Hour Work Week. Wow I’m not even half way through the book and I’ve had a total different outlook on life. So I’ve decided to rethink 2010 and here are some of my plans.

More Time – Automation
So with ThinkComputers we post 4-6 reviews a week. I have 5 other writers including myself so I really only need to write 2-3 reviews a week myself and the other guys will write the rest. Since moving ThinkComputers over to wordpress I have the luxury of scheduling posts, which means I can queue up 3-4 post and have them publish to the site automatically! So if I work really hard for 1-2 days I can get all the reviews done for ThinkComputers for that week! I tested this the past 2 weeks and it worked flawlessly. It feels really good that by Tuesday night I don’t have to worry about any real work till the end of the week!

More Projects
So if I keep on track with what I’m doing with ThinkComputers I should have a lot of free time. With that free time I am going to start on many projects that I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. I’ve had some domains for around 2 years that I haven’t done anything with. Actually my friend Jack and I will be launching a new site within a week or so stay tuned for that. Having more projects will not only keep me motivated, but also bring in more income.

Getting Out
One thing that can really kill motivation is sitting in the same office all day. Although I really do enjoy my new office setup I really want to start getting out of office a lot more. It is really starting to get nice here in Pittsburgh so there is no reason I can’t be working from Starbucks, Panera, or Schenley Plaza a few times a week. As we speak I am writing this blog post from Starbucks! Another thing besides just leaving the office is going on small weekend trips and things like that, they are really relaxing and are a great way to recharge you!

Staying Healthy
I say this every year, but I end up slacking off! This year I really want to be healthy! I don’t want to feel like I’m tired all the time. So how do I plan on staying healthy? First off I usually eat pretty good and I don’t really drink any pop (soda for non-pittsburgh people) and I’ve been eating a lot of organic food. Since I’ve been really getting into tea I have been drinking that instead of energy drinks. I also decided that I want to look a little better so I started the P90X workout system and WOW it is intense, but I like it so far and I really hope it works!

I’m really excited about the rest of 2010 are you?