A Weekend In DC

A couple of weeks ago my friends and I decided to take a road trip down to Washington, DC. We all planned on going to see DVBBS at Echostage, but it was also a chance to see two of our friends who recently moved down there. DC is about a 4-4.5 hour drive from Pittsburgh. Since there was 5 of us going we rented a SUV, which was a Yukon XL. It was a beast and felt like you were driving a tank!


One we got into DC and settled in we went to dinner before the show. We decided on Hill Country Barbecue and man was it good! The way they have it set up is that once you are seated you go into the “Market” and select the meat and sides you want. I opted for a combo that included beef rib, brisket and chicken plus a side.


This is my kind of place! #foodporn #bbq

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After dinner we went back to the hotel and got ready for the show. I have been to Echostage before and I really love it there. It is really made for shows, it is a real shame there is not a place like it in Pittsburgh. While I am not a huge fan on DVBBS I do enjoy many of their songs and all DJs are usually great live so I was pretty excited for the show. It was great to be in that atmosphere again, Pittsburgh events are just not like the events at Echostage. Here is one of the videos I took, you can check out the rest of the videos on my YouTube page.



The next day we ventured around and ended up in Georgetown where our friend Kara goes to school. The area is really nice and reminds me of Shadyside quite a bit. That night the guys and girls split up and we ended up going to Ultrabar and getting a table. If you haven’t been to Ultrabar before it has 5 different levels with different music on each floor. Let’s just say we had a great time!


Last night recap! #cirocboys #ragers #bottles #ultrabar

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Our last day in DC we got brunch at a place called Bistro Cacao. Everything there is made from scratch and you could really tell! Brunch comes with a pastry basket. All of the pastries were amazing and I normally never eat things like that. I decided on the steak & eggs (of course!) for my main course and it was really good! I would definitely go to Bistro Cacao again!




It was a great weekend with great music, food and of course great friends. Remember to follow me on Twitter to see what I am up to!