Staying at Revel in Atlantic City

As I said in my Time To Reset post I have been traveling over the past month. It is a great way to clear your mind and I always love exploring and going to new places. I had never been at Atlantic City before this year, but I actually really enjoy it. It is like Vegas with a beach! This last time I was in Atlantic City I stayed at the newest hotel in town, Revel.

Revel is ultra-modern and really reminds me of Vdara in Las Vegas because if you didn’t want to you could never see the casino part of the property. I’ve always hated coming down from my room in Vegas hotels and the first thing I hear is the annoying sound of the slot machines. I stayed in an Ocean Room with a king size bed, actually all of the normal rooms have an ocean view.

Revel Atlantic City

The first thing that I noticed about the room was it was much larger than other rooms that I have stayed in at other hotels. The bed was huge and there were actually two large chairs by the window that you could just relax in and watch the amazing view of the ocean.

Revel Atlantic City

Another thing that surprised me was how large the bathroom was. Unlike most bathrooms you actually had two sinks so more than one person could get ready at once. The shower is a huge walk-in shower that even had a place where you could sit down. The only thing that it was missing was a rain shower head.

revel2 revel3 revel4

The room was outfitted with a large flat screen TV, which you could do everything on from order food and drinks to check the weather and of course watch TV. While Revel says they have free WiFi you are charged at $7 resort fee if you use it.

Revel also houses HQ Nightclub and HQ Beach Club. I was able to make it out to see Sultan and Ned Shepard at HQ Nightclub and wow was it a great show. The club is extremely big too, much like many Vegas clubs. Unfortunately HQ Beach Club was not open when I was there, but I will definitely be back before the end of summer to check it out. Revel has been bringing headlining DJs to HQ recently, which makes it the perfect destination if you are into EDM music.

HQ Nightclub

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to check out any of the restaurants in Revel, but I will be back soon!

If you are planning a trip to Atlantic City definitely consider Revel. The rooms are awesome, the view is great, you don’t have to even go into the Casino if you don’t want to and the clubs are some of the best in AC. Being that Revel is newest hotel in AC it is a little more expensive to stay there. Prices per night during the week range from $150 – $200, but on the weekend they go up to $400 – $500. Also also a quick tip, Revel has automated check-in kiosks in the lobby, use those to avoid the long check-in line!