Seeing Armin Van Buuren 9 Years Later

All the way back in 2006 I went to see my first DJ, it was Armin Van Buuren. I took a little road trip down to Washington, DC with friends to see Armin at a placed called Fur, which is not even there anymore. Armin at the time was ranked #3 in the world, but many of you probably had not heard of him yet because Trance and EDM was not even close to how big it is today. Since that first show I have been a lifelong fan of Armin and Trance.

Fast forward to last month I made the trip back down to Washington, DC to see Armin again. This time it was at EchoStage, which I have been to quite a lot of times before. I am going to let the videos speak for themselves, but I have to say Armin still brings the house down. He is still my favorite DJ and his shows are not like any other. He just has this power over the crowd that not many DJs so. Anyways I’m not going to make this post that long, here are the videos!

You can see the rest of the videos on my YouTube page!