Pat Hanavan

Interview: Pat Hanavan

Today I am kicking off my interview series with Pat Hanavan. Pat is a pretty close friend of mine. Over the past few years I have seen him be a big part of a start-up Vodka company and build an online community and destination website for Faded Industry. So let’s get this interview started!

What do you work for or what websites do you run?
I work for Premier Innovations Group, a spirits importing business. Premier is a multifaceted business with many smaller businesses attached. I work directly with Clique Vodka as well as

What is your official job title?
My official job title with Premier is VP of Brand Management & Social Media. My unofficial title with is the Content Master because I needed something for my Twitter Bio and that seemed fitting.

How did you decide this is what you wanted to do?
I can remember discovering MySpace and the first through that popped into my head was, “Holy shit, I have to start a business!” At the time, I was working for Sprint and not happy with the corporate lifestyle. Even though I proved sales through the use of my social networks, the company would not adopt or even attempt to try any of my ideas to increase sales. When I got my chance to leave Sprint, I left telling myself I would never go back to the corporate monster.

Could you give me a run-down of your typical day?
In our business, there really is no typical day. The way our businesses are set up allows us to easily adapt and embrace new opportunities. With that, a typical day does not really exist. The sad truth about this job though, my life is spent on my computer. If I am not on my computer, I am still managing networks from my phone because I always have to be connected.

What would you say the hardest thing about your job is?
Hardest part about my job is all of the unknown factors associated with it. What works for some websites doesn’t necessarily work for others. You have to be creative and willing to take risks. In a way, you must be able to predict the future to stay ahead of the curve. Everyday this industry changes, if you are not constantly educating yourself and learning the proper ways to leverage all of the tools available, you will have a very tough time being successful.

The Best thing about your job?
I can do my job from anywhere with a wifi signal! Now if you were to ask me what the worst part of my job is, it’s the same answer. This job is like a blessing and a curse. Yea it is great to be able to work from paradise but you are also having to work in paradise. Luckily for me, I enjoy what I do so paradise as a backdrop to work actually motivates me.

One thing that your job has enabled you to do?
Grow as an individual and learn. I was a terrible student all throughout school and never took one computer class growing up. When I got to college, I would show up for attendance and then immediately leave class to go sell and make money at work. Being stuck in the corporate setting completely stifled creativity. Transitioning my work ethic from focusing on a monthly commission check to now focusing on our collective vision has forced me to learn and grow as an individual. I would be a completely different person if I stayed at my old job. I would hate that person…. I don’t hate me.

How has social media impacted what you do?
Social Media created the job I now have. It is everything I do, without it, our business would not exist. I wish Social Media was a chick so I could bang her.

What tools do you use that make your job easier?
All I need is my laptop, some headphones and my phone. Without them, I would be completely screwed. As for the various online tools, I typically stay native to each platform.

One piece of advice for someone who wants to do what you do?
It takes a long time to learn and build, so don’t quit after the first fucking month! I relate a lot of what I talk about with Social Media and SEO to going to the gym. Everyone wants to workout for a week and just be completely ripped or however they envision their end goal. That is not how life works. If you do the right things and build all of this the right way, slowly but surely, you will see the benefits of the countless hours of your work.

Where can people see what you are up to?
They can see me all over the place:

As always I want to thank Pat for his time. If you enjoyed this interview please let me know in the comments and if you would like to be interviewed drop me a line!