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Buying a Product Because of Instagram

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Instagram and most likely have an account. If not Instagram is a simple way to take a share photos, and add some cool filters to along the way. It is a social network as well so you can follow users and see what photos they are sharing.

I have been on Instagram for a good while now and I follow a good amount of people. It is always fun to find new and interesting people to follow. Since I am pretty big into cooking and eating well I follow quite a few different healthy living and cooking profiles. I started to noticed many of these profiles that I followed were talking about Flavor God Seasonings and posting photos of some awesome food they have made using the seasonings.

Well it turns out Flavor God had their own Instagram account so I went and checked it out. There were some pretty awesome photos of food on there like you see below.

Flavor God Seasonings

There was quite a lot of information on their Instagram page and on each post. They also do a great job showcasing people who are using their product. There is a great way to “keep the conversation going” about your product. Another great thing they do is list recipes using their product so you can try them.

So after seeing awesome food for about a week I went over to the Flavor God website and ordered the seasonings. They arrived about a week later and I love them! I use them on pretty much everything I cook and they have really helped me with my meal prep as well.

For those wondering Flavor God seasonings are low in salt, contain no MSG, use all natural spices, are gluten free and follow the paleo diet. Also shipping is free in the US!

Anyways I would have never heard of this product if it was not for Instagram. Again if you think social media is not important to your company you are behind the times. Instagram is completely free to use and is a great marketing tool you can use for your company. All you have to do is put in the time to do it.

Have you found a product or service on Instagram? Let me know in the comments!