How to Work Less and Get Out More!

[ad#right]Let’s face it working from home isn’t the easiest thing. Some people may think it is, but remember you are your own boss, you are the person that has to push yourself to work etc. It seems every few months or so I get in some sort of funk where I am working myself to death, I am stressed all the time and I am not very happy. I guess most people would call this burning out. It’s not really a good feeling and it is a hard thing to come back from. I’ve always have done things to help myself from not burning out, say take a day and work from a coffee shop or something similar. This works in the short term, but it is not a solution. Recently I have been reading The 4-Hour Workweek and I really dawned upon me I need to get out more, not just for work, but for fun.

Even when I would be out before I would always would be thinking about work, believe me that is very stressful. It is a very big relief to go out and be able to enjoy my time not be thinking about work all the time. So how did I accomplish this? Well first as weird as it sounds it starts with work! Working really hard for 2-3 days and getting most of my work done for the week. For ThinkComputers we normally publish 4-5 reviews a week. So I get most of those done a scheduled within that 2-3 day period. That way I have everything all ready to go and for the rest of the week I only have to worry about simple daily tasks.

Some people may fear working really hard for 2-3 days straight, but I always have something to look forward to after those hard working days, that’s knowing I won’t have to worry about work for the rest of the week so I can relax and be stress free. This “mindset” makes it so I never burn out! So what am I doing with this free time I have? Well I have been going out and enjoying life! It is great going out with friends and not having to worry about work!

So right now Wednesday through Saturday are pretty much days where I don’t really need to do any hard work. I hope to work even more ahead so I can take weeks at a time off from work and go places and do more things. Right now I am testing how easy it is to do this then I will work towards my next goal. If you can work really hard for a few days and automate the rest of your tasks then life will be a lot less stressful for you!