Adagio Tea’s IngenuiTEA

[ad#right]Since first getting into tea I have really come to enjoy it! I’ve tried so many different types of tea’s and been to quite a few tea stores here in Pittsburgh. If you live in Pittsburgh I would suggest you check out the Teavana store in Ross Park Mall, it is a great place if you don’t know that much about tea. Anyways when I first started brewing my own tea I used the Adagio Glass Mug and Infuser, which worked really well, but was a pain to clean. So I was looking around for other options and I came across the IngenuiTEA teapot from Adagio.

The thing I really liked about the IngenuiTEA was that it is very large, which means it gives the tea leafs room to fully expand as you steep your tea, which brings out more flavor. Also the way the IngenuiTEA works it makes it so less of the tea leafs and debris goes into the actual tea your drink. Here is a video of me showing you how it works…

When I made this video it was the first time I’ve ever used the IngenuiTEA so you can see how easy it is to work. Also cleaning the IngenuiTEA is easier than any other diffuser / teapot that I’ve used before. Right now the IngenuiTEA is only $15 from Amazon so I would definitely pick one up!