The Importance of Having a Muse or Hobby

When you are running your own business work can sometimes be all-consuming. There have been many times were I felt like all I ever did was work, I was stressed out, I couldn’t concentrate, it just was not healthy. Over the past year I have introduced hobbies and muses into my life which have really helped me get out of my funk and allowed me to get more work done. A muse or hobby can for example be traveling, cooking, sports or even a beautiful girl. Here are some of the things I’ve learned over the past year on the subject of a muses and hobbies.

Make sure they are not directly related to your job – For the longest time I tried to keep busy or get into things that were directly related to my business. For example I used to do a lot of PC gaming, but I realized that I don’t want to be sitting in front of a computer after a long day of work where I’m in front of the computer most of the time as it is.

Needs to be something you look forward to – A muse or hobby should be something that you really enjoy or look forward to. In the case of a beautiful girl I would have so much motivation to get work done or even work harder because I knew at the end of the day or week that I would be able to see that girl and do something nice for her. With anything if its something you look forward to then getting your work done should be no issue at all.

Let them bring out your creative side – I have to be creative in my job, I think most people do in some respect. I’ve had writers block multiple time and it is not fun. When I get to travel it always brings out my creative side because I am out of my normal element. If a hobby or muse helps you be more creative that should definitely help you out in your business.

You can have more than one – Some people I know have a single hobby. Besides work and family that is all they do. That seem’s pretty boring right? That would be like going to a buffet and trying only one thing! While I’m not saying have a million different hobbies have a few things that you really enjoy.

So the question I’m asking you is what is your muse or hobby? Let me know in the comments!