Schenley Plaza

As most of you know I moved to Shadyside not that long ago. Since moving I’ve been discovering new places and things. One of the places I’ve been spending a lot of time lately is Schenley Plaza in Oakland. Schenley Plaza is located between the Carnegie and Hillman Libraries and directly across from the Cathedral of Learning. If you live in Oakland or the surrounding area’s you probably know where Schenley Plaza is. If you have ever driven down Forbes Ave. you probably have passed it.

Schenley Plaza is sort of like a mini park in the middle of Oakland. There is a large field, many benches, chairs, tables, a large tented area for shade, bathrooms and even places to eat. As I have always said it is good to get out of the house or office at least once a week and my escape lately has been Schenley Plaza. But how can I get work done at Schenley Plaza?? It has WiFi! Free WiFi too! When I heard that Schneley Plaza had free WiFi I knew that I had to check it out.

Going down to the Plaza I grabbed a table and sure enough I was on the internet in seconds. It is nice being able to relax and get out of the office, but still be connected to the internet and be able to work. Schenley Plaza is a great place to do work too, being in between Carnegie Mellon University and The University of Pittsburgh there are always students around and things going on. Also you can spend the entire day there because they have 4 dining kiosks, but you can also walk up to Forbes Ave. and grab food too.

There are also many events that go on there throughout the year. I few weeks ago I was able to catch Jessica Lea Mayfield perform and she was great. If you’ve never heard of her she has done some great songs that are actually on the Starbucks playlist. Check out their Music Schedule to see who will be playing there next.

Schenley Plaza is run by the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, they have a blog that is updated quite often so check that out.