Dinner at Social House

If you follow me on Instagram you know one of my favorite things to go eat is sushi. When I was in Las Vegas I had a chance to have dinner at Social House and it was pretty amazing. I actually went to Social House when it was in Treasure Island many years ago. Now it is located inside Crystals at CityCenter. Social House is not strictly a Japanese restaurant it is more Pan-Asian.

Like most restaurants in Las Vegas it has a very cool vibe. I went there with my friend Cherry who has been coming to CES each year for the past 8 years! We decided to order many different things off of the menu. These included Salmon Wasabi ($21), Kobe Gyoza ($19), Tempura Lobster Roll ($23), Samurai Roll ($24), Nigiri Sushi: Uni ($15), Tamago ($7), Unagi ($10), Sake ($12), Hamachi ($12) and Chili Seared Scallops ($22).

Social House

We also had 2 different specialty drinks, which were amazing! If you are looking for some great sushi or pan-Asian style food in Vegas you cannot go wrong with Social House. I would recommend what we did and order a lot of different things and share it all! I will definitely be visiting Social House on my next visit to Vegas.

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