What I Accomplished at CES 2014

Each year I travel to Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Electronics Show. It is a show where many companies show off products that they hope to release in 2014 and many products actually get launched at the show so if you are into computers or consumer electronics it is a really exciting show. But why do I go to the show? Of course to see all of these products, but on top of that I am doing much, much more.

Covered the show – Of course ThinkComputers is a tech news site so going to CES gives us a chance to report on the show. We let everyone know what new products are coming out etc and this brings a lot of traffic to the site, which equals more money.

Met with new companies – CES gives me the perfect opportunity to meet with new companies. During the year it is very hard to start a relationship with a new company. E-mails get ignored, phone calls never get returned etc. When you meet with someone in person you start that relationship because they actually know who you are.

Built on existing relationships – If we already have relationships with companies then we still go ahead and meet with them to continue that relationship. We make sure we get on the review list for the products that they have coming out, talk about possibly advertising with us and just to catch up on what they have going on. Again when you meet with people in person they are more likely to do things for you.

Networked – At the show there are various events and you get to meet a lot of really cool people. It is the perfect opportunity to network and meet new people in your industry. These could be people who may never have heard of ThinkComputers so just getting the name out there is good, but on top of that these could possibly be people who you can do business with.

There is a lot to do at CES and it is perfect event to help build your business. So if you were at CES this year were you productive?